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Vote for Your Favorite Kuri Beer Accessory!

We’re excited to announce that Kuri can now bring you a beer! We recently hosted a hackathon where we invited the top engineers from around the world to help us create an accessory piece for Kuri that would enable our home robot to deliver you a cold one.

kuri with beer accessories

Vote for your favorite design, and maybe we’ll sell it!

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  1. I’m not sure that any of these would really work. #1 & 3 seem like they would block sensors and #2 would get shaken up by Kuri”s head movements or restrict the movements

    Please let us know which areas of Kuri need to ne left unobstructed for navigation

  2. Ha! April Fools indeed. But it’s such a good idea though. Our Great Dane had saddlebags to carry his own food when we went on hikes, and we’d slip a couple beers in the bags, too, for us – and open them after waiting for them to settle after the bouncy ride.

  3. I agree with Frank Engelman’s comment. Also, the weight of two or more beer bottles might compromise Kuri’s functionality. I suggest a small wheeled wagon that could be pulled by Kuri. Perhaps shaped to curve around the little robot and hooked to a detachable ring protruding from the robot’s back to reduce the possibility of entangling cords.

  4. Or maybe a plastic cup holder that can attach to the side or back ,out of the way of the head movement.

  5. I love #2 as far as cuteness goes as far as the others have commented I’m not too sure about design and functionality but maybe #3 would be best for mobility. Ad marketing #2 or #3. Go get em KURI !!

  6. Its fake ithought this waa true

  7. Kuri is a robot friend of children at home I am not sure if this is the right task to perform

  8. I also agree with frank & 2nd pfon71361’s suggestion on the curved wheeled container…it seems the least intrusive to kuri’s motion. Furthermore, for those who do not drink beer or would prefer cans, this approach may allow for design flexibility

  9. Julie M Hoover

    Ahhhhh…if only….😜

  10. 1st gotta train the dogs to open the fridge, and equip Kuri… since she has no arms.
    To keep this af joke going, ya gonna sell a pull behind wagon or cooler on wheels for a 6 pack ?
    Oops, can Kuri make hot wings to go with the beers ? lol

  11. shipping dates?

    • Hi Paul, the second wave of pre-orders are shipping between June 15th and July 30th. If you order today, you’ll receive your Kuri later this summer (no firm shipping dates just yet!).

  12. Good idea to be able to carry/deliver something to someone in the house. Kuri with expanded uses makes it that much more valuable. Nice if someone is sick, have to deliver a bottle of orange juice or something else to someone laying on the sofa.

    • I should add, not everyone has children in the home and so not needing a child companion, we’re looking for other useful features from Kuri to justify a useful existence for the purchase price. Example: Kuri could be a great assistant to the sick, disabled, or elderly with the right features in the future.

      • I agree with you 100%! I am disabled. While I love the idea of having Kuri in my home as a companion and possible watch dog-recording things that I won’t see that might go on in my house, it would be nice if he did have some extended functionality in the future. Even though being adorable is awesome, the companion side of it. I think it would be an extra bonus if he were able to deliver small items like medicines or a beverage that would be nice. Sometimes, I drop small objects like toothpaste caps or coins or pills on the carpet and have difficulty locating them again. If Kuri could have some kind of “find it“ feature where you could ask him how close you are to the object in the floor with your hand or even with his body by making a rising or falling Tone as he or your hand which( ever would be easier to implement) gets nearer to the object, that would be an interesting feature. Probably programmatically impossible, but an interesting feature.

        • That is a great idea. It’s comments/suggestions/ideas like this that spark the brainstorming for what is possible. I look forward for what the future holds for Kuri.

  13. I’m a little (haha) behind with “non-critical” emails, but this brought a huge smile to my face 2 weeks after the fact… at first I was pleasantly baffled that our bright Engineers would come up with these 3 gadgets as viable options. But what a perfect ending to the response chain, I truly hope the Team can implement some useful services for the disabled. Patiently waiting the next delivery cycle, June 27 is my birthday;)

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