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Kuri’s New Bay Area Buds

Last weekend, Kuri made a bunch of new friends in the Bay Area. Kuri and her crew were at Westfield Valley Fair in Santa Clara, CA. Visitors had the opportunity to interact with Kuri one-on-one, take a robot selfie, grab a Kuri sticker, reserve their Kuri, and more!

Kuri’s new pals loved learning what Kuri does, when she captures unexpected moments around their homes, how she’s adored by pets, and the rest of her adorably high-tech features. We can’t wait for Kuri’s second appearance at Valley Fair this weekend! Until then, here are highlights from some of our favorite moments from this past weekend:

Kuri's booth at Westfield Valley Fair
Kuri’s space at Valley Fair
Kuri stickers
Free sticker swag
Woman petting Kuri's head
Kuri making new friends
Kuri's selfie station
Kuri’s selfie station
Kuri's team demoing our adorable home robot
Kuri’s crew showing off all the cool things Kuri can do
Little girl reading a story to Kuri
A new friend reading a story to Kuri


  1. Awwwwww! =D Seems to me that Pepper and I-Pal have a co-worker!

  2. Kuri is cute and realistically funny.

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