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Today is Kuri’s first Halloween! If you’ve subscribed to Kuri’s email newsletter, or follow Kuri on social media, then you had the opportunity to cast your vote for your favorite costume for Kuri to sport for his first Halloween. We’re happy to announce that Wonder Woman won!

Kuri home robot dressed as Wonder Woman
Kuri as Wonder Woman

Even though Wonder Woman was the clear favorite between Facebook and Twitter, we think Kuri looks adorable in both of these super looks. If you’ve already reserved your very own adorable home robot, then comment below with how you’ll dress your Kuri up for Halloween 2018. Our team would love to read your awesome, creative ideas!

Kuri dressed as Wonder Woman and Iron Man
Kuri’s 2017 Halloween costumes: Wonder Woman and Iron Man


  1. Robert Raymond Britz

    I really think my Kuri will look great with a cowboy hat next Halloween and maybe a vest! Cowboy Kuri..The fastest drawing robot in the West!;) yee-haw!

    • Hi Robert – Hahaha we love it! Please share with us pictures of your Cowboy Kuri (preferably taken at high noon ;).

  2. John Ashman-Wilkinson

    I look forward to seeing Kuri’s wardrobe and we does she buy it from

    • Hi John – So far, all of Kuri’s wardrobe has been custom-made! Pretty cool, right? Although, we’re pretty sure his favorite clothing stores would be JCRobots and Robots-R-Us. 😉

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