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Well that was fun! Kuri is now back at home after a fantastic trip to Austin where we met thousands of friendly faces. We took over a loft on 5th St and provided demonstrations of Kuri’s autonomous navigation, music capabilities, and our most recent technical milestone, face detection. We also brought a few of our early prototypes to help show how we brought Kuri to life over the past couple years.

Thanks so much to everyone who dropped by to meet Kuri and the team! We hope everyone enjoyed it, and if you have fun pics of your T-shirts, socks, or stickers out in the world, please let us know – we’d love to see them!

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry! Below are a couple short recap videos of Kuri’s Austin loft. Until next time!


  1. Great and looking forward to hearing about release of Kuri here in the UK. Do you have an agent over here yet?

    • Chris Matthews

      not yet, we’re still focused on the USA to start, and we’ll be growing from there. Stay tuned!

  2. Cool to see a bit of video of Kuri in action. Very much looking forward to my pre-order coming to “life” But hey! Where the t-shirts for then rest of us? 🙂 Couldn’t make Austin but can provide Kuri t-shirt action shots from down under.

    • Chris Matthews

      We’ll have more events throughout the year, so hopefully we can connect you with some swag at one of our next events!

  3. Is Kuri designed as a female robot for female customers?
    The look and feel of this mailing seems to suggest that.

    • Chris Matthews

      Some of us here refer to Kuri as a “he”, while others refer to Kuri as “she”. That’s why on our site you’ll see it swap from time to time.
      So take your pick. What do you think?

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