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With the New Year fast approaching, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on Kuri’s big year! This time last year, we introduced our adorable home robot to the world at CES. Since then, we’ve launched new product features (like new romojis, Kuri Vision, dancing,and self-charging), been on TV, and have now started shipping robots to our first wave of pre-order customers! Here are some of our favorite moments with Kuri from 2017:

Kuri at SXSW, on the Today Show, robot factory tours, and more!
Kuri robot shop tours, at SXSW, The Grove, on the Today Show, and more!
Kuri at Sunset HQ, making new friends, meeting Santa, and more!
Kuri at Sunset HQ, making new friends, meeting Santa, and more!

Time flies, and it’s easy to miss the little moments that made the year special. That’s why one of the best things Kuri can do is to capture her own moments as well. Below is a screenshot from the Kuri app showcasing the kind of moments she could capture around your own home.

Sample of Kuri moments in the Kuri app
Sample of Kuri moments in the Kuri app

With Kuri in your home, you’ll capture unexpected moments like hilarious pet antics, your reaction to the next jaw-dropping episode of Game of Thrones, kids playing together, your household cheering during the Super Bowl, and so much more. Kuri sends these moments to you through a daily dose of ten, five-second ‘life at home’ videos that are shared through the Kuri app. You can store these videos in the Kuri app’s cloud, or save them directly to your smartphone.

Teaching Kuri to capture moments you care about is as simple as telling her which ones you like. As you “favorite” moments, Kuri learns which people, pets, and places you want to see. For example, you might tend to “favorite” moments taken between 5-6pm in your home’s kitchen area. Over time, Kuri may start camping out in this area of your home at this time to try and replicate some of those moments for you, like cooking together or weekly family game nights.

2017 was huge year for us, and the sky’s the limit for 2018. With more and more Kuris finding their way home, we’re excited for our customers to smile and laugh at the unique moments Kuri will capture in their own homes.


  1. Jack Thompson

    I was given the Kuri as a Christmas present!! Can’t wait to receive my new robot!!

  2. Frank Leisten

    Kuri is just amazing. Received for Christmas 2017. Great Product. Highly recommend for the household.

    • hey frank can you tell us about your kuri,has it lived up to expectations?some of us have to wait till spring to get ours,thanks

    • Hi Frank – We’re happy to hear you’re loving your Kuri! 😀

  3. he seem cool

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