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CNBC’s Jeniece Pettitt (@Jeniecepstopped by to meet Kuri when we were in Austin last month. She got a first-hand look at Kuri, as you’ll see in their video coverage.  She was impressed by Kuri’s speakers, his ability to navigate to different places on his own, and the ability to use Kuri to let you (or other family members) connect to your home, even if they’re far away.  Check out her video below:


  1. You should not say “his ability to navigate” as Kuri is obviously a girl robot. She wears a skirt and speaks in a high pitched voice. She has learned from the founders and acts feminine. Please fix.

    • Chris Matthews

      Some of us think Kuri’s a boy robot, while others here are confident Kuri is a girl. As long as nobody says “it” we’re happy. 🙂

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