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Kuri Vision: What Kuri Films

Every day, Kuri captures moments of your life at home. Kuri records five-second moments around your house in 1080p — a feature called Kuri Vision.

With his HD camera, Kuri captures life’s little moments, automatically. Think of your home during an average day: getting the kids ready for school, your pet’s antics while you’re at work, hosting a dinner party with friends, or just curling up on the couch with loved ones.

Kuri is perfectly equipped to capture incredible videos of you, your friends, family, and pets; all without you ever having to pick up your smartphone. Kuri’s face detection, pet detection, and mobility allow her to record these rare and unique life-at-home moments from a new perspective.

See some of the unique, heartwarming, and funny five-second moments that Kuri robots have already captured in their new homes:

Kuri Vision: Snack time from KuriRobot on Vimeo

SharedMoment from KuriRobot on Vimeo

Kuri Vision: Pets with pals from KuriRobot on Vimeo.

Kuri Vision: Curious baby from KuriRobot on Vimeo

Can’t wait for Kuri to capture moments like these in your home? Be sure to reserve your Kuri home robot now! The price to pre-order your own adorable home robot goes up on March 1st.


  1. Oh where oh where is my kuri? Is there any way I can get an eta?

  2. Edward Ragnone

    Can Kuri detect health issues and phone emergency contacts with two way video communication?
    Can it act like a PC?
    Can it project its video onto a wall or through your TV?
    Can it stream Video and TV?
    Am I asking too much abilities yet for a home robot?
    I hope not.
    Thank you for this way to ask you questions.
    Maybe you could incorporate a projector in Kuri’s other eye.

    • Hi Edward! At this time, Kuri is not able to perform those specific tasks. We’re really proud of the robust home robot we’re launching today, and we’re hopeful we can dream up all sorts of awesome product features (like the ones you mentioned) someday in the future. 🙂

  3. Does Kuri record sound with the videos? I don’t hear anything with the above videos…

  4. Christine Ryan

    Is ot ppssible to turn off tjat aitomatic filming featire?

    • Hi Christine! Great question. At this time, it is not possible to turn off this feature. Kuri Vision enables you to capture fun, expected moments around your home as well as remotely check-in on your home when you’re away. If you have any additional questions or concerns about this feature, we invite you to chat with our Kuri Experience team directly at support@heykuri.com.

      • That could be an issue. I would not want Kuri imaging me in the bathroom, showering, changing clothes. In this day when hackers can watch people through the laptop camera, I would not want them watching 24/7 through Kuri. Should be a voice activated “turn off imaging for next X minutes.

        • Hi Joyce, You can customize the hours that Kuri is active within your home – which includes capturing Kuri Vision moments. That being said, if Kuri is inactive then she is charging on her dock, which doesn’t make for a very useful robot – so totally up to you and your preferences!

          Plus, you can customize “no-go” zones in the Kuri Robot app. You can tell Kuri that you don’t want her to go into the bathroom or bedroom (which most of our customers do), to avoid capturing such moments.

  5. Kuri’s image capture looking amazing. Its comparable to top video doorbells. Big up team.

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