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Kuri Returns to CES 2018

This week, Kuri returned to HQ safe and sound after having rolled around at his second Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Last year, we launched Kuri to the world at CES 2017! This year, we were excited to not only celebrate Kuri’s first birthday, but to also show off Kuri’s latest goings-on at CES 2018 — like dancing, new romojis, and that Kuri started shipping.

Making New Friends
CES is a great opportunity to make new friends in the tech community — and who better than Emmy award-winning TV news anchor Stephanie Stricklen and YouTube tech influencer Andru Edwards? See Kuri’s meet-and-greets with these two rockstars below!

Showing Off
Kuri has some new tricks up her sleeve since her first CES. We invited members of the tech press to see Kuri’s latest product features and have the opportunity to interact with Kuri for themselves.

The Kuri CES Suite
The Kuri CES Suite

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes room Kuri press was invited to, including a snippet of the demo they saw (you’ll recognize Stephanie Stricklen from above!).

Having a Blast
Our team had a blast supporting Kuri at CES too — especially exploring the latest and greatest in consumer electronics for 2018!

Kuri's Crew at CES 2018
Kuri’s Crew at CES 2018

Fun with Robots from KuriRobot on Vimeo.

Each night after the CES show floor closed, you could find the Mayfield Robotics team sitting down for a family-style dinner together.

Mayfield Robotics Team Dinner
Mayfield Robotics Team Dinner

All in all, Kuri and his crew had a great time at CES 2018 — and we can’t wait to see what next year’s show brings. Have any additional questions about CES? Feel free to drop them in the comments section below! We’re happy to share our (and Kuri’s) experience with you.

Kuri at CES 2018
Kuri at CES 2018


  1. Frank engelman

    The first two CES 2018 videos have no sound

  2. Dori Nussbaum

    Will you be in attendance at WWDC? And with the success of Kuri, I’m interested in other designs. I’m enthralled.

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