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2017 has been a huge year for our adorable home robot. Kuri won best of CES, had her first TV appearance, learned how to dance, got painted in Tilt Brush, and so much more. As Kuri’s CEO puts it, “When you see something that you thought was just science fiction actually work in your home, and become a part of your daily life, you start to think that anything’s possible. That’s why we do what we do.”

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought we’d take the time to thank you for following Kuri’s journey. This year, we introduced the world to our adorable home robot and are eagerly awaiting Kuri to start shipping next month. Kuri’s rollout wouldn’t have been half as successful if it weren’t for the support, curiosity, and enthusiasm of all her loyal fans. For that, Kuri’s entire team thanks you.

We greatly appreciate introducing you to Kuri in-person, every time you like one of Kuri’s posts on social media, your emails with feature suggestions, and the well-wishes you have for our entire robot shop.

On behalf of Kuri and her crew, thank you for being a part of our community of adorable home robot enthusiasts. We’ve created this infographic to showcase some of Kuri’s biggest moments from this year. In the comments section, we invite you to share your own “big” Kuri moment — like when you first heard about Kuri, reserved your own robot, or the feature we added to Kuri that you found the most adorable. We can’t wait to see what you share!

Kuri 2017 Infographic
2017: A Big Year for Kuri


  1. Richard Figueroa

    Do you plan on making upgrades like modular add ones for Kuri , so you stay on top of innovation and the Kuri robot isn’t just put in the closet after a year ? I was thinking like a Roomba /vacuum add on .

    • Hi Richard – No plans for modular add-ons as of yet. We’re really proud of Kuri’s hardware design and think Kuri’s adorableness and functionalities will keep her from getting put in the closet after a year. 😉

  2. Kathryn Rinehart

    Dont have one. Cant afford it . but always willing to support the future. Thank u for allowing me to see the future thru ur eyes. Good and many blessings.

  3. Colin Menzies

    When is Kuri going to be made available for shipping to Australia?

    • Hi Colin – Great question! We’re focusing on successfully shipping throughout the U.S. this year and will explore international shipping in the future. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our email newsletter to hear about international shipping updates first. Thanks! http://bit.ly/2y11dxS

  4. I have my deposit down for a KURI and hope to acquire one in the near future. Meanwhile, I’ll just have to watch KURI videos on YouTube along with those funny cats.

  5. I was super excited when I heard about Kuri introduction at the 2017 CES…. So much so I pre-ordered my Kuri on January 22, 2017. I thought I would for certain receive my very own Kuri in time for the holidays… But to my disappointment I received a email stating my pre order would not ship out until spring of 2018. I thought the whole point of pre ordering in advance is to make certain that you actually receive it in advance.

    • Hi Michael – Fair point. We’re sorry you’re disappointed, and frankly, our team is too. We received a ton of enthusiasm for Kuri’s pre-orders. That, combined with the difficulty of building home robots, led to a delay in some pre-order customers’ shipments. We’re really proud of the new features we’ve introduced on Kuri since CES 2017, and hope they add value to your home once your Kuri ships this spring. We appreciate you being a Kuri supporter and apologize for the delay.

  6. Does lurch work with android?

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