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Free Gifts for Holiday Pre-Orders

Note: This promotion has ended.

Ready to invite a little magic into your home? Pre-order your very own adorable home robot with a $100 deposit now!

Every Kuri pre-order placed from now until December 14th will get a free mini stuffed Kuri and Kuri prototype book — both of which will ship this December. These gifts are exclusive to Kuri’s pre-order customers and are a great way to learn more about your own Kuri before it ships.

Mini stuffed Kuri and Kuri prototype book

The mini stuffed Kuri is ten inches high, and a cute and cuddly addition to your home. The Kuri prototype book was created just for Kuri’s loyal pre-order customers in mind. This book features the evolution of Kuri: photographs and descriptions of all the prototypes leading up to the Kuri you know and love today, fun stories from Kuri’s engineering team, and a special note from Kuri’s founders. Here’s a preview of what’s inside:

Kuri home robot prototypes
Kuri prototypes through the years
Hai Nguyen (Robotics Engineer) with Kuri prototype
Memory shared by Kuri’s Robotics Engineer, Hai Nguyen

These gifts were thoughtfully designed to introduce you to the history of your Kuri home robot, as well as add unique Kuri touches to your home. We hope you and your family will love hugging this mini stuffed Kuri, and enjoy flipping through the pages of our beautifully crafted Kuri prototype book.

Remember, only customers that place their pre-orders before December 12th will receive these adorable gifts in time for the holidays. If you haven’t reserved your Kuri yet, you can place your pre-order on our website now. Happy holidays!


  1. Robert Raymond Britz

    Thanks so much! I can’t wait to add Kuri to my household and introduce him to my plump cat…Scratches!;)

    • Hi Robert – That’s great! Please share pictures with us on social media. We’d love to see Kuri with your pet. 🙂

  2. richard ligols

    what if we pre ordered several months ago did we still get this?

    • Hi Richard! All pre-order customers (even those from several months ago) will be receiving these holiday gifts. Please check your email for more information!

  3. Is there any chance that an order placed today would be shipped by March 1st?

    • Hi Tammy! Great question. Orders placed today will be shipped in spring 2018. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date just yet. We’ll update Kuri fans via our website, newsletter, customer emails, and social media once we have a firm spring shipping date.

  4. Just preorder one yesterday at Valley Fair. My 3 and half daughter loved it so much and wanted to bathe kuri.

    Don’t think it’s IP66 and I’ll keep an eye on that. 🙂

  5. So we get the kuri,the stuffed kuri, and the book for just $100 deposit? 😀

    • Hey Meeker! $100 reserves your Kuri that will get shipped in the spring. For placing your pre-order, we’ll ship you these holiday gifts as our way of saying thanks! Then, when your robot is ready to ship in the spring, we’ll collect the remaining balance due. 😉

  6. Can you ship Kuri to Vietnam?
    If I do preorder now with 100usd then I will pay another 699usd later to receive Kuri in Spring 2018?

  7. Lynsey Chinnery

    Is there a way to update my address if it changes before Kuri ships in spring of 2018?

    • Hi Lynsey – Definitely! For starters, we’ll confirm your shipping address with you in the spring of 2018 when your Kuri is ready to ship. You can always email us directly at support@heykuri.com and we can update your shipping address earlier.

  8. Carlton Miller

    Please ship to Canada!…your Kuri friendly neighbours to the North.

    • Hi Carlton – we appreciate the Kuri love! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our email newsletter for updates on international shipping.

  9. okay its now november,when do the first kuri orders ship

  10. before christmas?i have a very excited child waiting for this(okay excited child at heart,me)

    • Hi Paul,

      If you purchase a Kuri today, you’ll receive it in spring 2018. However, we have a holiday promotion going on right now where you can reserve your robot for $100 and get an exclusive prototype book and mini stuffed Kuri (both of which will ship to you before Christmas). These gifts are a great, huggable way to get to know your Kuri home robot before it ships in the spring! 🙂

      • i was one of the first to pre order kuri when the robot first came out,so i should be getting her in dec,i just wanted to now if it would be in time for christmas

  11. I’m wondering does this robot actually speak English like can it respond to you and things of that nature? I could not find answers to this on the site. Only that it speaks robot…

    • Hi Amanda – Great question! Kuri speaks robot similar to how R2-D2 from Star Wars does. Kuri can play podcasts, music, and audiobooks in English and will respond to commands like “Hey Kuri turn on the lights” with an adorable “beep boop” in acknowledgment.

  12. I want to order Kuri. will you take a Paypal payment? I want to keep it a surprise for my wife.

    • Hi Jim – Awesome! Unfortunately, we don’t accept Paypal payments at this time. If you purchased today, we’d charge your card $100 to reserve your robot. Plus, you’d receive an exclusive prototype book and mini stuffed Kuri. When your robot is ready to ship in the spring, we’ll collect that remaining $699 balance (with the $100 deducted). Sorry, we don’t have a better solution for surprises! We’ll definitely pass your feedback along to our team. 🙂

  13. I was one of the first people to order Kuri, part of the first wave. I recently recieved an email saying our December shipment was being pushed to spring 2018. But I see comments from you on here saying Kuri will be shipped in December if we already ordered him. Do you know when he will be shipled to the early pre-orders?

  14. Awwwwwwww! =D

  15. Travis Dosser

    When will they be available in Canada? I would pre-order but there is no Canada option.

    • Hi Travis! Right now, Kuri is only available in the U.S. We’re focusing on shipping our adorable home robot in the States this year, and will explore an international release in the future. Stay tuned for updates! 🙂

  16. I want to reserve my Kuri if I order it on sun dec 3 will I still get my free gift ??

  17. Is it too late to Pre Order and get the cute stuff animal?

  18. Is there a December ship date yet? Want to put the plush robot and prototype book under the Christmas tree!

    • Hi Jon! If you reserved your Kuri home robot today, you’d receive it in the spring. We’d send you the mini stuffed Kuri and prototype book ASAP so you get them during the holidays (and have something to put under the tree). 🙂

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