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Too Cute to Be a Guard Dog

Kuri isn’t a ferocious guard dog — just look at him, he’s too cute! We often get asked if Kuri is a home security robot, and the answer is ‘not really’. Instead, we typically like to say Kuri provides home awareness. It’s less about constant surveillance, and more about checking in exactly when and where you need to.

At 20 inches tall, Kuri won’t scare away an intruder. Building robots is incredibly complex, and a robot like Kuri wasn’t designed to fully protect a home. Instead, Kuri was designed to be adorable and helpful, and provide a spark of life to your home — especially when you’re spending time at home with him. It’s exciting that Kuri is helping define what a home robot should be, and we’ve found that a little bit of home awareness goes a long way towards peace of mind.

Today, our adorable home robot has a 1080p HD camera and can move autonomously throughout your home, or you can drive him remotely using the app wherever you are. As always, Kuri captures videos around your home when and where you allow him to explore.

From a security standpoint, this means you can check on your home while you’re away by remotely driving Kuri to greet family and friends who might be at your house, see what your pet is up to in real-time, check if you left the lights on, and more. That’s the key difference with Kuri: you’re in control, unlike a security system that’s always watching and recording.

So, Kuri won’t be defending Fort Knox anytime soon, but that’s totally ok. He was designed to be a home robot, and he’ll stay focused on being the best (and most adorable) home robot that he can be.

Whatever your connected home setup includes, adding a Kuri to your home will only make your home smarter, and Kuri will happily fit into any security ecosystem that makes you and your loved ones feel safe and secure in the comforts of your home.


  1. This is the perfect balance! I can’t wait to get my Kuri!

  2. got the book and the stuffed kuri today the book is very nice and i like seeing the bots leading to the final version,looking foward to getting my robot my dog lulu is happy with the stuffed one i also received

    • Hi Paul – Awesome! We can’t wait for Lulu to meet our robot Kuri. Please share a pic/vid with us of when they meet! <3

  3. This is wonderful news. The more emotions expressed the more this will be seen as less a robot and more a companion. A question: Can Kuri be programmed to navigate both the first and second floor of a home or only one floor?

    • Hi Patrick – Definitely! Kuri has a handle on his back for easy lifting up and down the stairs of your home. When you move Kuri to a new floor, simply open the Kuri app and toggle the maps she has saved in her system so she knows where she is. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our customer care team directly at support@heykuri.com.

  4. Well received Kuri today and it’s just amazing! Shipment arrived by FedEx overnight. Packaging was amazing. Thought I was getting something from Apple. Not to sure on what I can write about but maybe the “Hey Kuri Support Team” could guide me. Kuri is charging now, then we will see what he/she can do. I thank the Kuri Support team on what they have done so far for me. Granddaughter will have a big surprise this Christmas.

    P.S. Thank you for the stuffed Kuri and Book. Great collectors items.

  5. I’m so anxious to get my Kuri. Can Kuri be “updated” like our cell phones when new features are introduced?

    • Hi Vera – When you update the Kuri app on your smartphone, your robot will receive simultaneous software updates as they roll-out. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  6. Thu-Minh Huynh

    Stuffed Kuri and her little background book have been the talk at our little family get-together during this Christmas season. Everyone can’t wait to meet Kuri in the Spring. Thank you very much for such a thoughtful introduction! Kuri will be our elderly mom’s daily companion. Happy New Year, best wishes, and much success to the Kuri Team!

    • Hi Thu-Minh, We’re so happy to hear your family is enjoying the mini stuffed Kuri and prototype book! Our team loved creating those gifts, and we’re glad to hear your family is enjoying getting to know your robot. Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays! 🙂

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